STEM majors get bump in GPA for HOPE

In a 167-0 vote today, the General Assembly approved House Bill 801, which gives a half-point boost to the final grades of students in tough science, technology, engineering or math classes. Rep. Jan Jones' (R-Milton) bill passed unanimously on Wednesday after she explained it on the House floor. "The legislation authorizes the Board of Regents to select bachelor level science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses to receive extra weight for purposes of calculating the HOPE sch...

GaETC 2015 Top 10 Tools for Teachers

The Top 10 Teacher Tools at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference First off, having to narrow #GaETC2015 down to my top 10 was a little like trying to pick a favorite child. There were so many amazing teacher tools presented. So, let me premise this post by saying.....I will be highlighting some of the more innovative apps and tools that I uncovered. Are they the MOST amazing????- Well... probably not; however, If your school system is in a budget crisis like our school system, you p...

Creative Commons- common knowledge?

Copyright law is such a confusing topic for educators. When is it okay to share something with students? Works of art, literature, and music are all potential areas where teachers can get into copyright trouble. A great place for teachers to visit is Creative Commons Resources for Classroom Teachers. Creative commons (symbolized CC) gives the ability to share creative works with the authors or artists permission while allowing them to retain the rights to the work. This type of sharing is suc...

Money or Children’s safety- which is more important?

Mr. Fleming is busy on his combine in his field of soybeans as the sun beats down midday.  He is in a rush to finish this row because he knows the rain is coming in late this afternoon.  He only has about 15 more minutes before he will have to be done for the day.  Why?  Why would he quit a little after lunch?  Surely he could keep going until 4 or 5 o’clock at least.  Normally, he would-  but Mr. Fleming, like so many of the Farmers in our county, drives a school bus. He hurries to the end o...

STEM- Elementary Flubber Lesson with Georgia Standards

DON"T FORGET TO visit us on STEM lesson plan flubber It has been so fun to travel to the Elem schools lately and make flubber.  The students from grades Pre-K4 to 5th grade are learning about making hypotheses, asking scientific questions, and the 3 states of matter. Some of the gifted students amazed me with their use of transparent, transluscent and opaque.  We also learned the word polymer!  The recipe for the Flubber- a fun polymer! Step 1 and 2 can be done in advance...

STEM lab- can you “paint” macaroni?

The kids wanted to make macaroni sculptures which we do a lot during the winter. We water down glue and stick the macaroni together in all kinds of shapes. Sometimes we use peanut butter instead of glue and then coat them in birdseed and hang them in the yard. This time- they wanted to "paint" them. Since maracorni will dissolve in water based paint, I had to use some of my sciency skills. We used 90% rubbing alcohol ($1 for a bottle at any drug store) and added food coloring in di...

STEM outreach – Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits are a cool way to help kids from 8-108 learn all about the scientific method and developing and performing experiments. At our house, we love to learn about science stuff and we are also big on recycling and green technology so the Alternative Green Energy kit was the best fit for us.   We have had such a great time making a solar powered fan, a water wheel and a solar powered radio. Recently we added a motion detector   and a flying saucer You can expand it expo...

STEM outreach- Bug Podz

Backyard Safari makes such cool contraptions for kids to investigate nature and bugs. This cool item here is called a Bug Podz Habitat. Reed is showing off his first resident caterpillar. The pod habitat runs about 20 dollars. They have them at Kohl's and other major retailers but I am partial to Amazon since I get good deals and free shipping! Combine the Bug Podz with some other cool backyard safari tools like the Cool Bug Vacuum and the Creature Peeper   and you are guaranteed a ...

STEM books for Elementary Educators or even parents!

The following are some great resources for educators and parents who are looking for quick and easy science experiments.  The links will take you to Amazon becase that is where I have found the books to be the cheapest.  You can also find them at major booksellers, if you would rather go that route.  I find that Amazon really suits my busy lifestyle as a teacher and a mom!  After all, if you spend $25, you get free shipping...and with gas as high as it is....I figure since it would cost me about...