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March 25, 2020, 7:53 pm

UPDATE- GA Dept of Public Health reports 1387 cases of COVID-19, 438 are hospitalized and the virus is responsible for 47 deaths. These are some of the points to ponder from today:

  • Many readers expressed concern over the graph reporting fatality rate. We agree that it is a hard statistic because it is dependent so much on the number of people being tested. We decided to report some graphs with more concrete comparisons tonight.
  • First, the % of deaths in the United States by State. Even though we have states of all different geographic sizes and populations, we are reporting this because it will impact the level of federal support we receive in Georgia. Since we are in the top tier, with 5% of the total deaths in the US, we should receive additional support in terms of ventilators and medical supplies. Our numbers push us to the front of the line in terms of urgent need. (see graph and raw data is always available at www.georgiastem.com/covidmath )
  • We spent some time today adding a column to the data with the number of hospital beds available in each county. We realize that many counties serve multiple locations. This information can give us an idea of how quickly we are reaching our capacity in different locations. It is just another piece of information that we are reporting for you to analyze and consider. (see graph)
  • There are many counties that due to their lack of hospital beds are currently overcapacity. These include: LEE, COLUMBIA, OCONEE, PEACH, TERRELL, BAKER, BRYAN, EFFINGHAM, LAMAR, MADISON, TWIGGS, BURKE, CHARLTON, CHATTOOGA, DAWSON, HARRIS, HEARD, JONES, LINCOLN, LONG, PIERCE, TATTNALL, TAYLOR, TURNER, WHITE, APPLING, TELFAIR. We understand that these counties rely on hospitals in adjoining counties; however, based on the concept of “capacity”, they are already over. These individuals will need to be served by another county.
  • GOOD NEWS- we have only used a little over 6% of our hospital bed capacity for COVID-19 so we are not overwhelmed yet. There are certain hot spots in the state that have called in additional resources, mainly PPE and requests for ventilators. We currently have enough hospital beds and the capacity to care for the sick.
  • Internationally- We surpassed 450,000 infections worldwide with a total fatality rate of 4.3% at this moment. Italy has the most deaths from COVID-19 with over 6,000 residents losing their lives to the virus.

March 24, 2020, 8:58 pm

UPDATE- GA COVID-19 1,097 Confirmed Cases, 391 Patients Hospitalized, 38 Deaths. The following are the key points from today:

  • Georgia continues to rank in the top 5 in the Fatality Rate of COVID-19. At 3.46% percent, Georgia falls behind only Vermont and Washington State. (See graph, Data source, CDC, JHU, GDPH)
  • Details emerge from the CDC that the Virus can live in the air for 3 hours, on some surfaces for up to 9 days and was found on the Evacuated Cruise ship 17 days after it was evacuated. CDC recommends suspending all travel by cruise ship. Further tests are ongoing. (CDC Report)
  • COVID cases continue to show exponential growth in the US and in Georgia. (see graphs- data source WHO Situation Reports)
  • COVID Predications of Infections and Deaths in Georgia: The WHO predicts a worldwide infection rate of 16% and a fatality rate of between 3-4%. If 16% of the GA population becomes infected with COVID (confirmed test) and 3.5% of those infections are fatal, 58, 912 Georgians will perish from this disease. (See graph. Data source-WHO)
  • Individuals continue to ask how this virus is different than the flu. The graph shows that the Flu arrived in Georgia in Sept 2019 for this Flu season. To date (CDC report) the flu has resulted in 71 deaths in Georgia. COVID-19 has been in Georgia for 22 days and has already resulted in 38 deaths. #NotTheFlu. Please help educate your friends and neighbors to take greater precautions than they would for the flu. The “no worse than the flu” comment leads people to not take the virus as seriously and the WHO says it is one of the most dangerous statements being spread. #ShareTheTruth
  • A new Cruise Ship with individuals suspected to have COVID-19 is set to dock in Florida this weekend after being turned away from the original destination in Chile. More details when we get them.
  • Please stay safe and we are here for questions. If we cannot answer, we will find an expert who can give insight.
  • As always, this is a non-profit dedicated to education about STEM topics. You can feel good sharing this information knowing that all the data comes directly from the CDC, WHO and GDPH.

March 24, 2020, 4:00 pm

According to this report from the CDC– COVID-19 was still present 17 days after cruise ship was evacuated. CDC encourages all to avoid cruise travel during Pandemic.

March 24, 2020, 12 Noon

BREAKING- GDPH reports 1026 COVID-19 Cases at noon on 3-24-20 with 32 deaths. More information coming after we crunch the data.

March 24, 2020, 11:00 am

BREAKING- Another Cruise ship seeks to Port in the US with sick passengers after being turned away from their original destination in Chile on March 21. The ship, the MS Zaandam, is on its way to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale with 13 guests and 29 crew members who are eager to be tested for COVID-19. All 42 of the sick are exhibiting the symptoms of the disease. All Passengers have been asked to remain in their cabins

March 23, 2020, 7:52 pm

UPDATE- GA announces 800 cases and 26 deaths. Key Points to Ponder today:

1. 18-59 year olds now make up 59% of the confirmed cases. While people 60+ are still at great risk, it is irresponsible to think that younger individuals are not contracting, suffering and dying from this illness (see graph- source- GDPH 7 pm update)

2. Georgia drops to 4th in the nation in Fatality rate at 3.3% as South Dakota and Vermont make big moves into the top 3. Washington continues to really struggle but fatality rate is coming down below 5% now to 4.76%. (see graph- Source- JHU, CDC, WHO GIS Map)

3. New cases are confirmed in BURKE, CATOOSA, HARRIS, LIBERTY, MADISON, MORGAN, PIERCE and WASHINGTON counties. The virus continues to reach into new locations and expand within existing areas. (see graph- source GDPH 7 pm update)

4. 5 counties: FULTON, COBB, DEKALB, DOUGHERTY and BARTOW make up more than 50% of the cases in Georgia. (see graph – source GDPH 7 pm update)

5. Researchers suggest that loss of taste and smell could be indicators of infections and a person experiencing these symptoms alone could be carrying the virus and be contagious. Anyone experiencing these symptoms are asked to isolate and call their healthcare provider (more information here www.georgiastem.com/covid19symptoms)

6. Virus can be transmitted in the following ways- (source- CDC, WHO)
Air droplets- 3 hours
Metal (money) – 4 hours
Cardboard/ Paper surfaces- 24 hours
Stainless Steel – up to 3 days
Plastic Surfaces- 3 days
Porous Surfaces- up to 9 days

Please continue to be diligent and practice safety precautions. The CDC now recommends-
For Deliveries- Leaving cardboard boxes outside for 24 hours or disinfecting outside of box, opening box outside using precautions and bringing items in and leaving box outside.

Wiping down groceries after purchasing them and before placing them in your pantry

Use electronic means of payment and do not allow others to handle your credit/debit cards. Avoid paper and metal money if possible.

Be diligent and careful when using shopping carts, keypads, gas pumps or any other surface which is not systematically disinfected.

Let us know if you have questions and we will seek out an expert to help. Please continue to view information (even ours) critically and view everything with a scientific skepticism. It is essential that we work together to help our species outwit, outplay and outlast this microbe.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

March 23, 2020, 3:38 pm

Another Facebook Q/A session- Check it out below.

March 23, 2020, 1:45 pm

Here is a link to the Google Sheet where we collect and analyze data from the CDC, WHO and GDPH. Be advised- there are lots of different tabs and calculations but feel free to ask questions or let us know if you see any errors. Enjoy all you data lovers

Google Sheet: COVID19 Math by Georgia STEM

March 23, 2020, 12:23 pm

BREAKING- 772 Cases GA & 25 Deaths. New Cases in CATOOSA, MADISON, MORGAN, PIERCE & WASHINGTON. Largest number of cases in Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Dougherty and Bartow. 5.8% of cases- Unknown. Data & Graphs- www.georgiastem.com/covidmath#COVID19GA#GeorgiaSTEM

March 23, 2020, 10:51 am

Question- If there are curfews and people are social distancing, why are the numbers still going up? To view the Q/A session- check out the post on facebook below

March 23, 202, 9:53 am

Can’t Smell? You should #StayHome. Here’s Why! #Covid19 #COVID19GA #GeorgiaSTEM #Covid_19 #FlattentheCurve

March 22, 2020, 7:51 pm

UPDATE- GA 620 Cases & 25 Deaths. No matter which way we calculate the data, GA is still in the top 5 nationally. All of the data is taken directly from the WHO, CDC and GDPH. You can see all the raw data and check the numbers yourself at www.georgiastem.com/covidmath.

1. Yes we know they need to test more and Yes we know that the fatality rate is based on the tests and when they test more this number hopefully will go down. Flawed data is still data and if the CDC, WHO or GDPH reports it- we will use it until we get something better.
2. We must do the calculations based on the numbers provided by the CDC, WHO, and GDPH and not what your “gut instinct” or our “gut instinct” tells us about how many people are infected or how many will die. The numbers are the only thing concrete and we stand behind them.
3. GA is ranked # 2 in fatality rate in the nation. (see graph)
4. GA fatality rate is over 3x higher compared to the US. (see graph)
5. The number of infections and the number of deceased are increasing daily. (see graph)
6. According to the WHO, The United States is now ranked 3rd in the World in COVID-19 infections.
7. 25 people dead is significant in 20 days compared to 71 dead from the flu in 175 days. Stop saying this is the flu and please correct others when they say it. The WHO has announced that this is one of the most dangerous pieces of misinformation being shared. (see graph)
8. This is a non-profit. No money is made by anybody for crunching these numbers or doing science or math. We love it (yes, really) and find this appalling and also biologically and biochemically intriguing at the same time. You can help us educate others by sharing the page and feel good knowing it is all for science.
9. R-0 is vital – Go read up www.georgiastem.com/R0
10. Stay home. Wash your hands.

March 22, 2020, 6:21 pm

UPDATE- a lot of you guys have been asking for this. It is NOT from the CDC or the GDPH so take it with that knowledge. It was shared by WSB-TV. We are not sure how accurate it is but we will
Post here in case you would like to view it critically.

March 22, 2020, 5:00 pm

March 22, 2020, 3:11 pm

UPDATE- Q- when will we be able to get back to school and work?

Answer from CDC- “As soon as we get to the point where there are a decreasing number of infections that our health care workers and hospitals can actually manage, then, yes, we’re going to get people back to work. We’re going to get people back to school, and we’re going to have to monitor those numbers very closely.”

Q- so we need to be on the other side of the peak and consistently decreasing everyday to have confidence to lift the social distancing?

A-Yes. If you look at the number of infections in the US (and in Georgia) it has increased daily for the last 22 days. We have to get on the other side of the curve and have it decreasing everyday before we can start to relax and release some of the social distancing measures.

Q- we are still on the front side of the curve- just today we became the country with the third highest number of infections in the world. Will there be additional restrictions put in place?

A- we have to look at what will be mitigate the virus and will best help
Our healthcare workers and our patients as we progress. The more people we can prevent getting infected, the more we can free up resources to treat patients already in critical condition.

March 22, 2020, 1:23 pm

Back in the day- or maybe a couple weeks ago in math class

March 22, 2020, 12:23 pm

BREAKING- 600 Cases & 23 deaths GA. We heard your comments about different state testing protocols. Here we have just calculated #COVID19 deaths based on state population. www.georgiastem.com/covidmath Sadly, GA still ranks in the top 5. #stayhome#flattenthecurve

March 22, 2020, 11:00 am

We are the waiter bringing you the data. We know it is terrible numbers and Georgia looks awful but we just deliver what is served by the CDC, WHO and GDPH. 😳😳😳 #georgiastem #covid19ga

March 22, 2020, 9:35 am

UPDATE- Georgia- Top 5 Nationally in #COVID19 Deaths. Additional action to be taken to reduce overload on medical facilities and mitigate the spread. From March 2-22 (20 days) GA has lost 20 citizens to #COVID19GA. For more math,  #GeorgiaSTEM

March 21, 2020, 9:22 pm

Georgia continues to fall behind other states as fatality rate climbs in the #COVID19GA Pandemic.

One of the hot-spots in the state for the #COVID19GA is Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, located in Albany in southwest Georgia. As of March 20, 57 tests have come back positive, four patients have died, and six hospital workers have been infected. The hospital also received media attention after CEO Scott Steiner said they exhausted five months of medical supplies in just six days, experienced price gouging from medical suppliers, and had plans for staff workers to manually sew respiratory masks. In response, Albany and surrounding Dougherty County declared a shelter-in-place order lasting two weeks on March 20.

COVID-19 first appeared in Georgia on March 2, 2020. In 19 days (2 weeks, 5 days) despite all measures, it has infected at least 555 people and resulted in 20 deaths.

In comparison, Influenza arrived in Georgia on September 29, 2019 ( 174 days ago) and has only claimed 71 lives, despite infecting thousands and resulting in over 2,500 hospitalizations.

March 21, 2020, 7:09 am

Math and Map are updated.

March 20, 2020, 9:22 am

WHO reports that the first 100,000 infections took over 3 months, we added an additional 100,000 infections in just 12 days.

This brings our total as of this morning (JHU) to 246, 275 infected with 10,038 deceased and 86,036 recovered. In the United States, there are 14, 250 infected with 205 deaths. In Georgia (as of 3-19-20 noon update) there are 287 infected and 10 deceased. The graphs of infection rates are alarming as they resemble exponential growth curves. Social Distancing continues to be necessary.

#covid19ga data

You may notice in the graph above that there are some dips in the data. We are not sure if this is a reporting problem or it is a testing capacity issue or if those are true dips. We will continue to monitor the data. You can view more data at:

March 19, 2020, 9:00 pm

For the first time infection rate reaches 2 people per minute worldwide. There are now over 200,000 people infected with the virus worldwide.

In Georgia, 10 people lost their lives to the virus since yesterday. Georgia has one of the highest fatality rates in the nation, falling only behind Washington state.

For more graphs and statistical information, visit:

For a timeline of news and updates from March 1, 2020 to March 18, 2020 visit:

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