Trump disappointed as Chloroquine treatment study must be stopped due to COVID Patient deaths.

One of the most fervent supporters of Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine has been the President of the United States. President Trump has touted the drug as being a "game-changer" and his overwhelming support of its use in COVID-19 as a successful treatment has caused the US to import the drug in high quantities. Medical staff shows on February 26, 2020 at the IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute in Marseille, a packet of Nivaquine, tablets containing chloroquine, a commonly used malaria ...

Can’t Smell?- You should stay home- Here’s Why!

covid smell
Anosmia, the loss of sense of smell, and ageusia, an accompanying diminished sense of taste, have emerged as peculiar telltale signs of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and possible markers of infection. Doctor groups are recommending testing and isolation for people who lose their ability to smell and taste, even if they have no other symptoms of COVID-19 infection. The American Academy of Otolaryngology on Sunday posted information on its website saying that mounting a...

Digital Learning Days- Micro Course from #GADOE

digital learning days
We are honored to have Carrie Siegmund from NEGA RESA, a Google Certified Educator and #LON19 cohort member to give us a weekly resource for Digital Learning. This week, she has chosen to highlight: #GADOE Digital Learning GaDOE Just in Time for Teacher: Digital Learning Days Micro-Course that "introduces digital learning basics and assists in planning for digital learning days". This short 1-2 hour online course is an excellent resource for teachers who are entirely new to te...

COVID-19 Math

Below, you will find Covid-19 Math data tables, graphs and calculations related to #COVID19GA and #COVID19. The presentation below is just a running loop of those same images. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. All data comes from Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). To access the Google Sheet with all the tabs and data, click here Georgia - COVID19GA county-level Data- Updat...

#COVID19GA Update

See Also: Georgia COVID Map and COVID Math See Also: Mapping the COVID-19 Outbreak and COVID Misconceptions To receive a daily email with COVID19 updates from Georgia STEM, just enter your name and email below. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can also follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Our Hashtag is #GeorgiaSTEM. We don't do SnapChat or TikTok but if you would be interested in running the GeorgiaSTEM account for us on those platforms, let us know. If you would prefer to g...

Does Plague, Inc. give Gamers an advantage when responding to COVID-19?

Plague, Inc
During a conference call with all the GeorgiaSTEM contributors a few days ago, our Curriculum Director, Dr. Kelly Cassidy, was on the call and her teenage son walked by. We were discussing how to best prepare educational materials for the virus and make it accessible to everyone from teenagers with limited knowledge but also give some deeper information to readers with some experience in virology and epidemiology. Dr. Cassidy's son, Logan, has done some work for us before with programming and...

#COVID19GA GIS Georgia Specific Map

CLICK HERE to skip everything else and just go to the MAP The following map is provided by Georgia STEM (#GeorgiaSTEM #COVID19GA) in response to the decision by Johns Hopkins to no longer report below state-level data in the United States as of March 10, 2020. They announced,  ” In light of the increasing rate of cases being reported domestically in the U.S., and in order to retain timeliness and accuracy, we have switched from reporting at the county level to state level. “ ...

WHO Infodemics

All of the following information was gathered from the WHO Situation report for March 5, 2020. For a stream of updates, visit the COVID Update post and bookmark it for later Infodemics are an excessive amount of information about a problem, which makes it difficult to identify a solution. Infodemics can spread misinformation, disinformation and rumors during a health emergency. Infodemics can hamper an effective public health response and cr...