100 Cup Challenge

Georgia STEM is pleased to announce the

2017 STEM 100 Cup Challenge

Anyone can participate. All you need is 100 16 oz cups and some engineering skills.

Try to stack the cups as tall as you can. You should aim for at least 100 cups but send in all of your creations!

You can complete the challenge in a group or solo. Educators- Check out the 100 cup challenge GSE standards here!

When you finish, video the completed structure and say one of the following scripts to be included in the gallery- Watch some of the examples below to get an idea of what to do.

You can also send in your creative destruction of the tower or structure and we will showcase those as well.

Be creative, use your engineering skills and have fun.

You can Submit your video or pictures by direct message on Instagram (@georgiastem) or message them to us on Facebook . You can also send us the video directly or a link to the video if you post it on YouTube. Click HERE to submit it directly.  We are excited to see what you will engineer.

Individual Script: 

Hi! My name is _______________ and today I completed the Georgia STEM 100 cup challenge.  I am from _______________________. (school or city location)

Group Script: 

Hi! I’m _______________, I’m ______________ and I’m ________________ and today we completed the Georgia STEM 100 cup challenge.  We are from _______________________. (school or city location)

100 Cup Challenge Photo Gallery 

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100 Cup Challenge Video Gallery

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100 Cup Challenge Destruction Gallery