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STEMtastic Book Reviews

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Night of the Ninjas (Magic Treehouse #5) by Mary Pope Osborne

♥♥♥ Review by : Seth Cassidy, Age 9, Commerce Elementary School, Commerce, Georgia

I liked that there were Samaui and Ninjas in the book. I did not like how a mouse helped them get through the jungle. I thought that part was unrealistic. There was one part where Annie and Jack walked across a very thin branch and I wonder how it did not break. My favorite character was the master ninja and he didn’t really say anything. He was just cool. Annie and Jack were acting like Ninjas to try and get back to the Treehouse and they had to use STEM skills to help them. They put a stick in the ground and used the moonlight to help them navigate East.

The first Chapter of this book being read aloud is linked below.  You can also check it out at your local library or get it from Amazon Night of the Ninjas (Magic Tree House, No. 5)