Biome Breakout

Recently, Aliens invaded Earth.  They were able to shapeshift and mimic Earthlings. Now that the invasion is over, all Alien suspects have been imprisoned until they can prove that they are a citizen of Earth. You are suspected to be an Alien Shapeshifter.  Can you prove that you are an Earthly Native and Breakout?

Earth is home to a wide variety of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes.  In order to be considered an educated member of our Earthly Society, lawmakers decided that students must have basic knowledge of the planet’s ecosystems. Most citizens prove their worthiness by successfully completing a science course with ecological content during their adolescent development.  

To prove you deserve citizenship on Earth, use the information provided to try and unlock all of the achievement levels. Follow the Directions and Clues to unlock each Level. The locks get more difficult as you progress through the levels.   

Upon Completion of at least 5 levels, you will earn the Bronze Georgia STEM badge for Biomes and can brag that you are a Citizen of Earth with limited independence. At this level you still must be monitored by a Parental Unit.

Completion of 8 Levels will earn you the Silver Badge and earn you some independence.  You will no longer have to be monitored by Parental Units all the time and can complete some tasks alone.  

Completion of 9 levels will earn you the Gold Badge and you are deemed ready to be independent.  Parental Units are only used in crisis or emergency situations but remain on standby.

Completion of all 10 levels will earn you the Platinum Badge. You are not qualified as a full citizen, have the right to vote and can make decisions equal to that of a Parental Unit.

Good Luck! Click HERE to begin Level 1