Super Speed Wiggly Worms

Super Speedy Wiggly Worm Lab. To access the worksheets, you can download them or access them using the link below. Click on the Grade level to get the GSE Standards embedded for that grade level.

Google Docs Version (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12)

Microsoft Word Version (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12)

PDF version (K-2) (3-5) (6-8) (9-12)

Google Sheets Data Table

Super Speedy Wiggly Worms was created by Kelly Cassidy. Lab instruction and materials are free, we only ask that you retain the header and web link to allow other educators to hopefully find the awesomeness located at

You can find Mrs. Cassidy on Twitter, Snapchat and Voxer  @jklcassidy or Instagram @cassidyscience

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