The 2017 Ecosystem in a Bottle Gallery: (more student pictures coming soon!) You can also submit your own picture by posting on the facebook page or sending an email.

Teachers- CLICK  on this link—–> Ecosystem in a Bottle Elementary level lesson plan for the lesson plan with Georgia Standards!

Want to make your own ecosystem- here are the basic Instructions:

Obtain a 2 liter bottle

Rinse the bottle with water.  Save the top, you will need it!

Have a parent help you cut the bottle so that the top section will come apart from the bottom

Add 1 1/2 to 2 inches of soil in the bottom of the bottle

Add enough water to make the soil wet but not so much that it is runny or the soil is floating.  If you add too much- just pour the extra out.

Add some seeds of your choice.  Beans, peas and wildflowers work well.  Cover then very lightly with soil.

Add some grass seed

Add some insects and / or worms.  ( Small insects work best…remember the ecosystem has to be able to feed them)

Replace the top of the bottle and seal the bottle with tape.

Place the bottle near a window or in a sunny location

Watch the bottle grow and the ecosystem thrive!
Points to remember-

Once you set the bottle up- no opening the top ( it will let the air out)

No shaking the bottle- this could hurt your critters or damage the plant root development

Put your bottle near a light source and make sure it has a definite “daytime” and “nighttime” each day



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