The Georgia Association of Teacher Educators 2017 Conference #GATE2017 was held on October 11-12, 2017 at Lake Blackshear Golf Resort in Cordele, Georgia.Ā  Educators representing colleges, universities and K-12 organizations from all over Georgia convened for sessions over the two day period to share their expertise.

Several Keynote speakers anchored the conference and deliveredĀ inspiringĀ speeches. Mr. Casey Bethel (@2017GATOTY), 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year, opened the conference and reminded the attendees to be Inspired about our Profession. Below is the clip he shared from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement series Real Teachers, Real Voices. #RealTeachersRealVoices

After an exciting morning of concurrent sessions from professors and educators all over Georgia,Ā Terrie Ponder (@tlponder)Ā  from the University of West Georgia reminded us all that we must Shift when Shift Happens.Ā Ā One of the most powerful things she shared was this problem:


We were amazed by another afternoon of concurrent sessions and on Friday, Kelly Cassidy (@jklcassidy) Georgia STEM’s Curriculum and Instructional Technology Guru was excited to present a Session on Technology Tools.Ā  You can check out that presentation below or click HERE to go to the page with all the goodies.

The Georgia Association of Teacher Educators Webmaster Dr. Robyn Huss, University of West Georgia is currently placing all of the Conference Presentations and Concurrent session materials on the GATE website.Ā  Go and check out all the amazing content and think about joining us all for the 2018Ā GATE conference which will be held in October 2018 at Unicoi State Park in Helen, Georgia.



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