Technology is reaching into every classroom across the state of Georgia and out onto many of our sports fields as educators, coaches and athletes utilize the plethora of apps available. Selecting from the hundreds of apps can be daunting and overwhelming.  At Georgia STEM, we are grateful for Ron Minish, Commerce High School, who graciously provided the Top 7 apps for Health and Fitness Teachers. To find out more about Coach Minish, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile.

Top 7 Apps every Health and Fitness Teacher should have at their Disposal

 Ron Minish

Remind: School Communication

Teachers can stay connected with their classes using the remind app.  This app helps to keep communication for an entire class in one place.  Parents can sign up for the remind text and be notified of what is going on in the class and upcoming due dates.  This app can also translate messages into 70 different languages.





This app allows students to track eating habits and record daily calorie intake.  It is super easy to use and has a friendly built in Q code scanner to easily log calories, food specifications and nutritional facts into the program.  There are more than 6 million foods in this apps database. Great tool for any teacher to help children discover what they are really putting in their body on a daily basis.   




Cardiograph Classic

This app allows students to easily measure their heart rate.  It is simple and easy to use. It uses your finger prints to calculate heart rhythms.  It stores the information into a database in the program for future access. Great app to use when trying to train at target heart rate.  Allows students to easily calculate resting heart rate and after activity heart rate.




SprintTimer – Photo Finish

SprintTimer app is a timing system app that allows one person to operate and capture multiple runners competing at the same time.  Just point the camera of your Iphone or Ipad at the finish line and digitally capture all finishers of the race and a time will be displayed as they cross the finish line.  Can be used for multiple distance races and even a shuttle run.




Hudl Technique

The Hudl Technique app is great way to do a video analysis of student’s performance in multiple exercises and activities.  Using slow motion video to quickly look at a student’s technique immediately after they perform the skill provides instant feedback.  You can use this app to analyze push-up techniques, sit-up techniques, a tennis service or a multitude of other skills or activities. It also has the capability to compare your swings, jumps and services beside a professional demonstrating the correct technique.  This side by side feature is wonderful to quickly see where the flaws are in your student’s or athlete’s technique.

Sworkit: Workouts & Plans

This app aide’s teachers and instructors in designing workouts for their students.  It builds workouts for any level of expertise from beginner to professional athletes.  It designs programs based on the level you teach and varies from a 1-day workout to a 6-week plan.  It allows you to choose already designed workouts or to quickly customize the workouts for your students.  Great tool for any level of instruction.




Headspace: Meditation

This a great app to teach students to use to help lessen their daily stress and anxiety.  This app will provide teachers and students with guided meditation sessions they can easily navigate through.  It also has features to teach a refocus tool to help students be mindful and stay engaged during critical times in their school day.  It also has a great sleep sounds function that allows you easily drift off to sleep easily and get a good night’s sleep. This is a wonderful app to help students deal with daily and long-term stress in an easy to follow format.



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