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Badges are a great way to encourage students to engage in a healthy level of both intrinsic and extrinsic competition.

For more information on the research on the use of badges in education, check out this blog post “Badges in Education”

For a tutorial on how to create badges and one way to issue them using Google Keep and Google Docs, view the video below.  If it does not load- click Here

The following may be helpful as you travel your own journey using Badges.
Example of a Badge Inventory

Classroom Badges – Example of one way to issue Badges

Google Keep– ┬áto issue┬áBadges

Cartoonify– to help students create avatars

This Pinterest Board of Inspirational Ideas for Badges

A more in-depth video tutorial on how to Create Badges

Inspiration from Fellow Educators

The Padlet below was generated by participants at the Upstate Technology Conference in Greenville, SC in July 2017.  Check out the ways that the amazing educators plan to use badges with their students and staff.  Click on the image below to open the padlet in a new window,  No image?  Click HERE


Collecting Professional Badges in Education

Earning your first badge is simple. ┬áBy participating in the UTC conference session “Badges for Student Motivation” or viewing these conference materials, you qualify for the Georgia STEM Bronze Level Badge. ┬áThe information below also details the documentation needed to attain higher level badges. ┬áTo request your badge by email, fill out THIS FORM. ┬áYou can also access the form with the QR code.

Bronze Level

To qualify for this level you simply attend a conference presentation OR

view the session materials.

Documentation- Date of your Conference Session   OR   Simple description of how you will use badges in your work as an educator.

Silver Level Badge- Completion of the Bronze requirements along with proof of Creation of a Badge for your use as an Educator or Administrator.

Documentation- Upload a JPEG or PNG of the badge you created and plan to use.




Gold Level Badge- Completion of the Silver requirements along with proof of a Display format for Badges you issue.

Documentation-  Link to your Display for Badges.  Can be a link to a Google Doc, Padlet, School website, etc.



Platinum Level Badge- Completion of Gold requirements along with Proof of Use with Students or Educators and the recruitment of at least one Bronze level by passing the knowledge of badges along to another educator.

Documentation- Explanation of how you are using badges in Education AND Name of your Bronze level recruit.



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